The perfume importance

It is a fact that the tendency to personalize everything we use has been created by the need to feel different but above all authentic. This idea has permeated the market in such a way that now almost any consumer product can be personalized so that the consumer feels more identified and involved with the product or brand.

Everyone dreams of entering “their” perfume. The perfume that fills us with hedonism and reflects the countless nuances of our personality. The perfume that makes us unique and incomparable. The perfume that speaks of us and our personality.

Certain scientists consider that sense of smell is closely linked to memory. A scent would have the ability to remind us of a family member, move us to a place or a lived moment …

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and at the same time less known. Did you know that we are only able to recognize 200 colors, but can we remember up to 10,000 perfumes? For this reason, more and more individuals and professionals are attracted to the world of perfumery. In the business world, this knowledge is used as an innovative method in Marketing strategies, known as    Sensory and Olfactory Marketing.


What perfume is the one that most identifies you?