Perfume test = Perfect choice

Perfume test? You  would wonder what is that, and is that in most perfumeries, full of sales staff,  sprayed costumers with their perfumes as if “little guns” were treated or also lack any advice you might need.

While, in other stores and perfume brands, they take the costumer relationship  and their buying process very seriously.

One of them is Penhaligon’s, British perfume brand established in 1870 by William Penhaligon that was originally a barber shop, offered its first fragrance in 1872.

This brand has not stopped surprising since then, and this year has surprised through its website, where it makes available to everyone, a platform where through the realization of a visual test, elegant, exotic and intuitive , the perfume test of which we spoke previously and the user advances to his or her most suitable perfumes.

Discover the perfect perfume for oneself can be a long and difficult process, and often offering this type of service solves many of the user’s bad experiences in the purchase process.

The perfume test is based on a series of questions related to personal aspects as well as perfumes and fragrances, so that in the end the synergy of all of them will lead to the expected response!

The first question that is asked is about the gender to choose, if you prefer a perfume for a woman or a man, as well as if you want to wear it during the day, the night or both.

Next, the most psychoanalytic part of the test begins, where questions are asked about how you would like to feel when you take it, whether confident, inspired, elegant or sensual.

From here, you choose between a big city, a rural village, a skiing break or the beach in response to where you would go on a hollidays.

The next step is to answer the question about how you will satisfy your thirst, if with a good hot tea, a coffee, a natural juice or a carbonated drink, and related to this, you also wonder what your favorite drink is.

When you have already asked about gender, time, travel, drinks, and personal issues, it’s time to talk about textiles.

Here, you should choose the material that fits more on you, if with a fabric such as silk or wool, or otherwise a denim or a leather.

Almost at the end of the most important part is to choose the type of perfumes or aromas that most like, so 4 options are suggested, whether fresh, floral, oriental or woody. It depends on what is chosen, it will suggest other nuances regarding the election.

Finally we reach the final section, where the user, from a list of selected fragrances, will have to decide which of them takes, if not that it takes them all!