Perfumes for Summer

There is little left for the summer holidays, everyone is noticing the heat,  the temperatures begin to rise, that is why we will need a perfume that transmits joy, freshness and optimism. It is not convenient to use the same fragrance throughout the year, therefore, we will have to put aside the winter perfumes. Harder perfumes with sweeter aromas and focus on summer perfumes. A summer perfume has to make us feel like we’re fresh out of the shower all day long. Next, we show you how to choose a perfume for this summer.

As mentioned above, first of all we should avoid sweet aromas since they are more typical of cold days. To find a fragrance for the hot days you can opt for fruit or floral fragrances that are the most refreshing aromas.

If we focus on fruity aromas, citrus notes are the most popular during the summer. For beach days the ideal thing is a perfume that gives off pineapple or coconut aromas since they remind us of tropical climates and summer relaxation. But they are not the only fruit notes that are used in summer, we also find more typical aromas such as lime, lemon or green apple.

In we talk about floral notes, we find perfumes with aromas of roses, jasmine or lavender. Although they are not the only ones, there are many floral aromas that are ideal for summer parties.

Here is a list of 5 perfumes for women recommended to use this summer:

  1. Eau de Rochas: Top notes are aldehydes, lime, mandarin, basil, lemon verbena (lemon verbena, verbena), bergamot and lemon. The heart notes are cilantro, carnation, violet, freesia, jasmine, lily of the valley and wild rose. The base notes are amber, musk, oak moss, vetiver and cedar.


  1. Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche by Estée Lauder:Top notes are mandarin, ginger and bergamot. The heart notes are jasmine sambac, coconut and frangipani. The base notes are vanilla, cashmere wood, musk and amber.


  1. Rosa by Tous: Top notes are bergamot and rhubarb. Heart notes are May Rose, Violet and Raspberry. The base notes are musk, cashmere and vanilla.


  1. LIGHT BLUE in capri by dolce&gabbana: Top notes are lemon and tangerine. Heart notes are honeysuckle, almond blossom, heliotrope and jasmine. The base notes are musk, cedar and amber.

  1. L’eau de kenzo by Electric Wave: Top notes are tangerine orange and nectarine. The heart notes are white water lily and jasmine. The base notes are cedar and white musk.

In short, the same perfumes are not used for summer as for winter. Summer perfumes are lighter and less intense with fresh citrus and floral aromas and easier to carry on hot days.