From always, the perfume has been divided in two fields, the masculine and the feminine, totally differentiated and with its own characteristics.

The feminine perfumes stand out for their floral touches and the masculine ones for the woody and musky smells. These two worlds have been so differentiated that even the publicists have also played with it, with marketing campaigns that reinforced the different gender stereotypes.

This year, the fragrances go beyond that genre, and although it continues to be safe, where most male and female fragrances are centered on floral or woody, fragrances of neutral or unisex gender have extended the limits of perfumery .

It all started with Calvin.

It started with One, CK One. In 1994, Calvin Klein launched the first neutral gender fragrance. The perfume included high notes of BErgamota, pineapple, cardamom and papaya; Heart notes of rose, violet, jasmine and nutmeg and base notes of amber and musk. In short, a balance between characteristic elements of the female and male gender.

Since then, the market has expanded rapidly. The unisex fragrance market experienced 750 global launches in 2015, an increase of 314 in 2014, and shows few signs of deceleration. The main brands such as Tom Ford, Bond No. 9 New York and Yves Saint Laurent among others have a range of unisex fragrances.

Although traditional male or female flavors will remain popular, the unisex perfume segment is creating more and more options for consumers. Among them we would have the following fragrances:


  • 8 88 Comme des Garçons


Created in 2008, it was one of the first perfumes of the alliance of the prestigious Japanese fashion house with the Spanish emporium of Puig perfumes. Created by Antoine Lie, its top notes include turmeric, its heart notes are incense and geranium, and its base notes are amber and patchouli, resulting in a very characteristic fragrance that achieves a fantastic oriental and cosmopolitan fusion.


  • Bvlgary black


A creation of Annick Menardo’s nose and released on the market in 1998, it is a wonderful fragrance with notes of bergamot and rose, sandalwood and cedar heart notes, and leather and vanilla base notes, resulting in a perfume that stands out for its intense Woody Oriental value that falls very well in girls and boys.


  • Tuscan Soul de Salvatore Ferragamo


Pierre Bourdon created this pleasant aroma in 2008. His notes of bergamot, floral notes of heart, and background notes of the fig tree give body to a prominent citrus perfume made to conquer the soul beyond the heart, feel the strength of the sea, the heat of the sun and the vibration of life.


  • Eau de Cartier


From the classic and mythical house Cartier, with the freshness of being a creation of 2016, it is really a wonderful cascade of aromatic elements, its notes are bergamot and citrus, its heart notes are floral, highlighted by neroli, and its base notes are amber and patchouli. Only the experience and knowledge of a company over a century and a half of life and more than thirty-five years developing extraordinary perfumes could create this work.


  • Neroli Portofino of Tom Ford


A predominantly citrus perfume from the Tom Ford house created in 2011 from the prestigious nose of Rodrigo Flores-Roux, his notes are citrus, combined with rosemary, his heart notes are floral citrus, and his notes are highlighted by amber and musk to create a complex but extraordinary fragrance, a majestic combination that transports you to a journey of aromatic textures full of freshness and evocative, that create in you an atmosphere of mystery and emotion.


  • Thierry Mugler Cologne


Alberto Morillas created this fantastic perfume for the house Tom Ford in 2011, a majestic combination of wonderful notes released by Neroli, his notes of heart of African orange and his notes of musk background; a fragrance that has been made to create moments that are treasured, a fragrance to live intensely every minute of the day.


  • Agua of Loewe


Oliver Cresp is the fantastic creator of this fragrance, in the market since the new millennium, with wonderful notes of yuzo and rosewood, spicy heart notes and base notes of sandalwood and cedar make an exquisite combination that, along with your smile , it will make you more beautiful and sensual.