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Sensory olfactory Marketing Course at Escola Pia Mataró

Last April 18th, the perfumer Sandra Iruela, Director of Sandir, visited the school Escola Pia in Mataró, and imparted a Olfactory Marketing Workshop for the students of a Degree in Marketing and Advertising.

Training in Sensory Olfactory Marketing

The students of the second year of the of this Degree had the opportunity to learn about the importance of Neuromarketing and how it is important to capture all the senses of the clients. Sandra Iruela has explained the importance of the 5 senses and above all one that is not normally taken into account: smell.

The students have had the opportunity to know the latest trends in Neuromarketing and are prepared to take it into account in their future professional careers.

We want to thank the Escola Pia Mataró as well as their students for this very satisfying workshop.