6 reasons to drink a glass of wine a day

What is really a glass of wine? A glass of wine has always been synonymous with pleasure for many, a synonym of enjoying, having fun dining with friends, or simply as a moment of personal and intimate relaxation. Despite all this, wine is completely different from other products that are presented in the same way as pleasure products, such as tobacco now, because wine provides an important series of health benefits for those who consume it.

A lot of scientific studies support that the moderate consumption of red wine, one or two glasses a day, would be ideal for the care of our body, since it helps to prevent a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, apart from improving in many other aspects of our organism .

6 beneficial aspects that bring us a wine glass:

  1. Decrease in the harmful effects of tobacco: The red wine serves to regulate blood vessels and relaxes the friction that occurs between them, which thing, provides very positive effects to the heart.
  2. Reduction of cancer risk: Red wine helps reduce the risk of lung cancer in men, since it blocks the growth of the cells that cause it, apart from reducing the incidence of prostate cancer by 60%, due to the compound which contains red wine, called resveratol.
  3. Heart care: A glass of red wine helps to increase production levels of the so-called good cholesterol, which helps prevent cardiovascular disease.
  4. Help to fight obesity: The mere fact of drinking wine, activates a gene that prevents the formation of fat cells and helps mobilize those that have already occurred, in this way, contributes to reduce obesity and overweight.
  5. Blood pressure regulation: Drink a glass of red wine, decreases the pressure, perfect for people suffering from hypertension.
  6. Pleasant complement: Drinking wine, according to various scientific studies, a series of endorphins are released in certain parts of the brain that cause a sensation of pleasure through positive emotions