como estudiar perfumeria

How to study perfumery?

Smell is one of the most powerful communication tools and one of the least attention we pay, essential to study perfumery. It is the sense that is most connected to our emotional memories, this happens because the nose of a healthy person can get to distinguish around 10,000 different scents and can have a great capacity to associate smells with memories, whether they are of a short period of time or for many years as it could be childhood or adolescence.

To start training the nose and olfactory capacity it is best to smell the more times better, it is advisable to start smelling what surrounds you every day such as foods and drinks, this will help us develop the sense of smell. Something as simple as smelling everything around us often will often help strengthen the connections involved in the sense of smell.

Once we have a base on the aromas, it is recommended to select three different types of aromas, that is to say of different olfactory families (citrus, floral, wood …) and to smell them several times throughout the day. Performing this exercise for a week will begin to notice changes at the time of smelling.

To take your nose to another level, the ideal is to smell 4 or 5 aromas every morning at first hour because that is when our nose is more awake.

But if you want to take your olfactory sense to a more professional level, it is advisable to take perfumery courses. Sandir offers on-site perfumery courses and online perfume courses which will allow you to complete the course at your own pace and at home.

How to study perfumery? Perfumery courses:

  • The Introduction to Perfumery course is aimed at all those people who have a passion for perfumery and want to know and get into the most general concepts in perfumery. Its price is  195€. The introductory course to perfumery includes in the price a kit with 10 raw materials of essential oils used in perfumery.
  • The  Perfumery course  is aimed at those who want to deepen knowledge in perfumery, from the part of history through the classification of fragrances in families, know the main raw materials of essential oils used in perfumery to illustration in products of market, alcoholic perfumery, ambience and cosmetics. Its price is € 595. Sandir’s professional perfumer course is very complete. In the price is included:
  • Kit with 49 natural essences used in perfumery with its technical specifications.


  • Certificate course by the school of perfumery Sandir


  • Live classes arranged via Skype, continuous technical support and follow-up with the teacher.

During the course of these courses you will learn to smell and describe aromas as well as acquire technical vocabulary and olfactory concepts. To distinguish between raw materials that smell very similar, but are not the same as for example distinguish between lime aroma and lemon aroma. You will also know all the aromatic families (floral, citric, wood, wild, conifer, balsamic …) and their notes.

To finish, mention that, not having a good nose, you have a better ability to recognize smells in the same way that you do not have a better sight because you have a greater capacity to paint and draw.