2 things you did not know about smell

Do you know why we remember memories in our mind when we perceive a particular smell? Today we bring you two curiosities about perfumery and smells.

Smell memory or fragrance-memory connection

Everyone has experienced an unexpected “Wave” of nostalgia, called “olfactory memory” or “olfactory memory” after experiencing a certain smell since an odor can transport us to a past moment, a lived moment, a person, an experience… Remember the smells with 65% accuracy after one year, the memories a visual image is less than 50% after a few months.

The ability to remember moments with the smell of a specific essence can be explained by the fact that our “memory bank” of odors is found in the limbic system of the brain that also controls or modifies our sexual and emotional response; hunger, artistic skills, memory… Fragrances stimulate our feelings because in our brain emotions and the sense of smell are anatomically superimposed and the reaction to one is subjective, depending on our association smell memory.

Fragrances and alertness

Through relaxation and through odor responses, psychologists can make aromatherapy therapies as a relaxation method. The sense of smell works even when we sleep, so there is a benefit in terms of safety, as we wake up if we smell smoke or gas.

Vanilla, for example, helps to sleep earlier and improve the efficiency of sleep, lavender improves dreams by increasing the phase of deep sleep that is the part of more rest while the smell of mint in the environment can help improve the performance, efficiency and attitude since it has a positive mental effect, thus improving cognitive functioning (thinking), while reducing headaches and increasing tolerance to effort and concentration.

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